Tipping In Las Vegas

With a workforce of over 945,000 people, and a large amount of those in the hotel and service industry, tipping has become common in Las Vegas and is a very important part of the local economy. Here are some guidelines for various situations you may encounter.

Golf Cart Attendants: Most local golf courses will have an attendant bring your golf cart to the clubhouse for you, ensure that it’s clean, and help load your golf bag onto the cart, among other recommendations, advice, and services. $2 per bag or $5 per cart is very common with the possibility of a higher amount for exceptional service.

Golf Caddies: Many of the high end and elite golf courses in the area offer caddies to assist players around the course. $20 is usually a minimum tip in this case, and up to $100 or more is not considered uncommon. Some players also choose to tip on a PER player basis also at these courses.

Cocktail Servers and Waitstaff: Most casinos offer free drinks to players at all table games and slot machines. $1 to $2 is the norm for friendly and courteous service.

Bellman: $1 to $2 PER bag is common. More is common for prompt and exceptional service.

Doorman: Tipping $1 to $2 for the individual helping call you a taxi is common.

Buffet Servers: $1 to $2 per person is common if they provide good service and bring you drinks and help clear your table as needed.

Dealers: Commonly the amount of your average bet at the table a couple times within an hour is appropriate. Also another method is to give the dealer a few dollars as you finish play at the table or as you’re winning at the table, placing a bet FOR the dealer is also common.

Concierge Services: Most hotels have a desk that offers help for booking tickets to shows, tours, reservations for restaurants, limo services, or other forms of entertainment. These individuals work hard to help ensure you have a thoroughly enjoyable experience and can usually offer recommendations on these services. A common tip in this case can range from $5 to $20 depending on the type of service asked and the level of service you feel was provided.

Housekeeping and Attendants: $1 to $2 per day of your visit is the norm and is many times given at the end of your stay at the resort, with more for additional or special requests.

Valet: Most hotels in Las Vegas offer valet service to assist you with the hassle of parking your vehicle. These hotels offer this as a FREE service to its guests and visitors. These vehicle attendants hustle to ensure prompt and dependable service. $3 to $5 per car is appropriate for fast, friendly service.

Front Desk Clerks: Many times the clerks helping you with your check in to the hotel can assist you with upgrading you to a better room. This type of service can include an improved view or better accommodations as they are available. Typically a tip of $10 to $50 for these improvements is appreciated.

Pool Attendants: $1 to $2 for bringing you a towel or assisting you in finding a lounge chair is appreciated.

Taxi Drivers: $1 or $2 for a direct route that is taken is standard, or tipping 15% to 20% is also common. Fast and friendly service is a must.

Limousine Drivers: 15% to 20% is a standard for friendly service.
Spa and Salon: All services and treatments – massages, waxing, facials, make up applications, and hair performed in the spa and/or salon are typically available. 15% to 20% of the total cost is customary.

Showrooms: Ushers typically receive a tip if they should move you to a better seat. In showrooms that use maitre ds, a tip of $5 - $20 will usually improve your seating. Waiters within the showroom typically receive $5 - $10 for cocktails on the total bill, while $10 - $20 is common for dinner service.

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