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The Las Vegas area is located in the higher altitudes of the Mojave Desert, thus leading to very large fluctuations in temperature, both between seasons and also from sunrise to sunset each day. In terms of your golf outing and experience, it’s usually advised to play in the morning before the heat of the day really hits the area. During the late spring and summer months, it is very typical of temperatures to reach in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, it is estimated that over 130 days of the year top the 90 degree mark, while barely over 30 are measured below freezing. To some, the heat can be somewhat deceiving, due to the low humidity levels, which are commonly below 25% and in the heat of the summer, below 10%. Clear blue skies are very typical in the area, with few days of the year with considerable cloud cover. Thus sunscreen is HIGHLY recommended when you are out on the golf course, in addition to plenty of water and fluid intake, and seeking the shade provided sparingly on the golf course or by the golf cart for temporary relief. Annual rainfall averages 4.49 inches and it is not uncommon at all to have stretches of 20 and 30 days without significant rain. Another factor to consider during your golf outing is the wind in the
Las Vegas area. It is not uncommon to have days where wind gusts reach over 20 miles per hour, giving your round at a golf course that prides itself on tight fairways or where shot-making is at a premium, an additional set of challenges.

Las Vegas is located in the Pacific Time Zone, identical to California. Daylight savings time comes into play on occasion when planning your golf outing, thus be sure to allow yourself 4 ½ to 5 hours to play your round.

Winters in Las Vegas tend to be cool and windy. While Las Vegas does not have significant rainfall over the course of the year, three of the wetter months, on average, are between January and March. Typical winter daytime highs are around 60 degrees, while lows in the evening are close to 40 degrees.

Visitors from all over the world come to Las Vegas to enjoy its unique beauty and weather. Between the extreme heat and occasional high winds, in addition to scenic golf courses lined with palm trees and desert landscape, the typical Las Vegas golf course presents a unique test. So, protect yourself and enjoy your Las Vegas golf experience!

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