Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Have you played all of the golf courses in Las Vegas?

    No, while we have played many of the golf courses in the area, with over 60 public and private courses available in the region, it’s not realistic to think we could have played all of them. However, we have seen and visited a great majority of the courses.

  2. I don’t want to carry an additional bag with me on the plane for my trip to Las Vegas, what are my options for renting equipment in order to still play golf?

    Most of the golf courses in the Las Vegas area have rental clubs available. Most are at least, a decent set of clubs. However, you are reliant on what the course has available. Some courses have top-of-the-line brands and newer clubs, while others may have older models. There are a few companies around Las Vegas that will personally deliver a set of clubs to your hotel to the bell desk usually. These clubs are some of the best brands and the companies offer a very reliable service.

  3. Some of the hotel rooms in Las Vegas are smaller in size. I don’t want to keep my golf bag in my room. Can I leave it somewhere?

    Yes, the bell desk at all hotels will gladly store your golf bag for you in their luggage area. This keeps golfers from carrying their golf clubs up and down elevators and hallways and saves room. The hotel staff is always friendly and they are there to help you and assist you to make your visit easier at every step.

  4. Is it difficult to get a tee time on the Las Vegas golf courses?

    During certain weeks of the summer, yes. It’s always good to preplan your visit to Las Vegas, especially because many of the rounds take place in the early morning in an effort to beat the intense heat.

  5. What are my options for getting to the golf course?

    Taxis are plentiful in Las Vegas. Getting to the golf course is never an issue. However, make sure to get the taxi driver’s phone number to reach him following your round so he can bring you back. The golf course can also arrange for a taxi to pick your group up also. Other options are shuttle buses or limousines. These are usually pre-arranged. However, the larger hotels typically have limousines available early in the morning or can be made available within a short span of time.

  6. Do locals get a “price break” off of the greens fee?

    Yes. Typically most golf courses in Las Vegas charge residents of Clark County less to play their course.

  7. Is the heat in Las Vegas really that bad?

    Yes. Most golfers play in the early morning in the middle of the late spring and summer months in an effort to “beat the heat”. The heat in the summer months can easily reach over the century mark by 9 or 10am. The humidity remains very low, however, the temperatures can rise to very high levels with not as much shade as on golf courses in other parts of the United States. Make sure to bring sun block and drink fluids on the course during your round.
  8. How does the wind come into play in Las Vegas?

    Many golf courses in Las Vegas have tight fairways or trouble strategically lurking throughout your round. Some have characterized the Vegas courses as “target golf” in some instances. Some courses are less difficult than others however, even though Las Vegas doesn’t have much rain throughout the year, the city does have high winds at times. This makes a less difficult golf course into a very challenging course quickly. Wind gusts, on some days, have been known to reach 20 to 30 miles per hour, and with fewer trees to block the wind on the courses, the wind will challenge your shot-making and psyche.

  9. Is the Concierge Desk at the hotel a good resource for booking tee times in Las Vegas?

    Many of the hotels, especially the newer hotels, feature a concierge service desk for booking tee times, restaurant reservations, transportation, entertainment, and tours. These services can be a big help and typically offer terrific ideas. In terms of golf in Las Vegas, these services are helpful, however, keep in mind they may steer you in the direction of the golf courses that the hotel or company caters to. Casinos and hotels, in some cases, have contracts with specific golf courses and will funnel golfers toward those courses only. It’s recommended that golfers do their research before coming to Las Vegas to assist in keeping in mind the difficulty of the course, distance to travel to the course, and price to ensure the concierge is catering best to your needs.
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